Martin Harvey, Head of Regulatory Affairs Tyco

Workstream Chair

Martin Harvey, Head of Regulatory Affairs Tyco

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The Fire Sector Federation Technology workstream aims to look at emerging technologies that can be used or modified for use in the wider fire sector.

New products and technologies are now entering the market place every day and often a technology developed for one application may have other spin-off benefits for other applications.

The aim of the Technology group will be to review new emerging technologies and see if they can be of use to improve the fire sector.

Such technologies may range from new materials for the built environment to products and systems that may help the firefighter.

Once identified, the workstream can be used to help clarify benefits and publish/promote the findings to the wider community.

Live False Alarms Investigations
This report details the findings of a research project aimed to identify the fundamental causes of false fire alarms, utilising a fire alarm industry expert to investigate false alarms as they occurred in the field in the greater Glasgow area.
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False Alarms research recommendations
Summarises the 35 recommendations of the False Alarm research
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