Heritage Workstream

Bob Bantock

Workstream Chair

Bob Bantock

Mobile: 07768 557 516  E-mail:  bob.bantock@nationaltrust.org.uk

This workstream will be a useful tool and resource for practising fire safety specialists who wish to gain a better understanding of the heritage environment and some of the complexities that are associated with older more traditional buildings.

Fire safety in historic buildings is essential to preserve our heritage and most heritage buildings were constructed without fire safety principles in mind, which provides real challenges for today’s modern fire safety approach.

It is difficult to introduce modern construction materials into traditional buildings and sometimes impossible where listed building consents are required or conservation requirements insisted upon.

The traditional construction materials and high fire loads within some historic buildings makes them extremely vulnerable to fire and many fires in historic buildings usually result in a large loss.

Terms of reference for heritage work stream

  • Raise awareness of fire safety issues that affect heritage properties, including fire safety, emergency planning, business continuity and salvage
  • Provide a focus for FSF members regarding fire safety in heritage buildings and buildings of architectural importance and significance
  • Provide a platform for owners and occupiers of historic properties in the public and private sectors to engage with key stakeholders who have a genuine interest in fire safety
  • Promote communication and document sharing across the heritage sector to improve standards of fire safety in heritage buildings
  • Provide a link to other workstreams where fire safety in the heritage environment demonstrates clear benefit
  • Identify areas of work that do not necessarily have the benefit of available guidance

5 October Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Tunbridge Wells
Meeting 1000-1300, followed by visit around Scotney Castle (Mansion House) 1300-1500