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Dennis Davis CBE, QFSM

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The Competency Workstream has been formed to take on the work of both the Competency & Accreditation Workstream and the Workforce Development Workstream.

The aim of this Workstream is to help improve building fire safety management by addressing issues of competency for those who undertake, knowingly or not, the role of Fire Safety Manager (FSM) of a building. The logic of this standpoint was that an informed and competent FSM would be the person best placed to ensure a building was used and maintained in accordance with the fire safe design and variations of occupancy throughout its life. This would also support the Fire Safety Order Responsible Person concept and additionally build upon the earlier work undertaken by the sector Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council.

The approach will be to coordinate and stimulate activities including publications that encourage a wider understanding of fire and the interrelationship between the creation and maintenance of the built environment throughout the stages of design, construction, servicing, adaption and use.

It is recognised that focusing upon FSM does not exclude action in other areas and whilst it was noted some are hard to reach, like remote unidentifiable owners, a number of others, like Utility companies, were seen as accessible and identifiable and may be more easily approached by sector bodies. Similarly weaknesses in education of those involved in building design and the quality of fire safety enforcement and regulation are judged addressable within other Federation Workstreams like Built Environment, Enforcement, Technical Guidance and Workforce Development.

Key Actions

  1. 1. Create a competency strategy initially focused upon on improving the role and competency of Fire Safety Managers;
  2. 2. Undertake periodic review and support actions to maintain the relevance of Fire Risk Assessment Council publications and work.
  3. 3. Support the continued development of enforcers through the CFOA business Fire safety Regulators guidance and the Workforce Development workstream
  4. 4. Assist with Enforcement towards improving the official Procedural Guidance
  5. 5. Improve understanding of Regulation 38 using a suitable model
  6. 6. Review with Technical Standards Annexe H of BS 9999
  7. 7. Seek to engage with recently established FSM group
  8. 8. Periodically review responsibilities under the FSO and other issues with the Built Environment workstream

  • 26 January 2016, Stratford Upon Avon
Competency Criteria for Fire Risk Assessors

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