Built Environment Issues & Affairs

Tom Roche

Workstream Chair

Tom Roche

Mobile: 07768 513 839  E-mail:  [email protected]

The Built Environment Issues & Affairs Workstream manages a number of pressing issues and matters that require immediate or undue attention, and do not fit under other FSF work-streams – in particular Building Regulations and Approved Document B (AD-B).

The Workstream aims to unite FSF members to function as a unit alongside relevant industry stakeholders on certain pressing issues or matters pertaining to fire for a better, safer and more resilient UK.

Where potential policy change and a review of the Building Regulations, Code and/or AD-B is concerned, the Workstream’s objectives are to:

  • Work closely with other Workstreams and relevant stakeholders to ensure a review of AD-B of the Building Regulations incorporates fire’s comprehensive impacts based on robust evidence
  • Support awareness for the need to review existing policy where evidence suggests
  • Provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of opinions on pressing issues where considered management is needed
  • Promote dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders relevant to building policy and fire
  • Assist with the development of recommended and revised policy material

The core panel of the FSF Executive Committee and Workstream members agree to:

  • Assess the issues or matters and follow up (if necessary) in an appropriate manner with agreed actions
  • Convey the Workstream’s harmonised opinion on issues
  • Provide direction to FSF members and relevant stakeholders to facilitate appropriate actions through various communications channels if and/or when necessary

Scheduled meetings:

  • 3 June 2015
  • 7 July 2015
  • 8 September 2015
  • 2 November 2015

Building guidance confounds fire sector experts - announcement
Press announcement of FSF Building Regulations study
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CIC & FSF Survey Summaries
Summary of FSF and CIC surveys on Building Regulations and Guidance in Approved Document B
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Why does Approved Document B need to be reviewed?
The Fire Sector Federation has released a new brochure as it strengthens its campaign for a review of Approved Document B (ADB) to the Building Regulations. The brochure, “Why does Approved Document B need to be reviewed?” provides clear arguments for a review, while explaining that ADB is not a legislative document but provides guidance on minimum legal requirements to comply with UK building regulations.
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Approved Document B survey – joint reactive statement
Since 2012, the Fire Sector Federation (FSF) has been working to shape future policy and strategy related the UK Fire Sector. Over the last few months, the FSF has been developing a survey to understand the fire and construction industries’ views about the future of Approved Document B (Fire Safety) and is now releasing that survey.
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Approved Document B survey - FAQs
The FSF has complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions to accompany its Approved Documnet B survey. These explain the reasons for the survey and how the data will be used
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Call For Evidence Fire Safety Order
Preliminary Draft Respons
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Consultation Building a Safer Fututure
Position Paper guide for response
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