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Federation Newsletter 10

Fire Sector Federation publishes its responses to the Fire Safety Order and Building a Safer Future
Further to the Home Office call for evidence as part of its review of the effectiveness of the Fire Safety Order introduced in 2006 and the MHCLG consultation on proposals to meet the challenge of Dame Judith Hackitt’s review of building regulations and fire safety, called Building a Safer Future, the Federation has made its responses and these are published on its members webpage. Responses to Government Consultations

The FSO review prompted members to both re-applaud the original concept and register concern over implementation. Moving from prescription to functional requirements had been seen as the right way to extend innovation and personal responsibility but the lack of competency, regulation and enforcement has weakened effectiveness.

The MHCLG proposals also gained plaudits for describing a welcomed sense of direction although again linked to deeper concerns that the framework, especially the regulatory oversight and application, being largely defined yet having multiple responsible persons, would create arguably a far more confusing picture, and one that was ‘too big an ask’ to be achieved collectively by industry in the short term.

The Federation now, like everyone else, awaits the considered judgements of government while remaining open and willing to make further contributions.

Federation Newsletter 10