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Federation Newsletter 5 - Winter 2018

Third Party Accreditation and Certification

A brief reminder that spaces are limited at the upcoming symposium being held in the House of Lords on 7th March 2019.

If you are interested, please fill in the booking form distributed to all members or contact Dennis at: firstfirecall@aol.com

Approved Document B – Call for Evidence

Tom Roche is continuing to convene this work group that is considering the issues of importance to Members. After a 4th virtual discussion participants are meeting on 20th February at the FM Global Offices in the Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall St, London.

Already a series of FSF Principles has been established and if you are interested in finding out more or joining the meeting on the 20th please contact Tom at: thomas.roche@fmglobal.com

The Building Safety Programme

The government continuously updates its established Building Safety Programme with the aim of ensuring residents of high-rise blocks of flats are safe and feel safe. Multiple updates have been issued including:
Advice for owners of buildings with smoke control systems
Building Safety Programme: monthly data release – January 2019
Latest update on aluminium composite material cladding panels
Fire door testing: GRP composite test results
Government investigation into the fire door industry and guidance to building owners and occupiers.

Fire Risk Assessor Competency

Working as part of the Competency Steering Group established post the Hackitt Report Working Group 4 (WG4) has advanced to a point where it is now assembling its conclusions in a report for the CSG.

Around 15 members commenced work mid-summer last year. Many issues have been debated not least the fire risk presented by HRRB and the need for a statutory requirement to only employ registered Fire Risk Assessors. Contact Dennis for more at: firstfirecall@aol.com

Fire Trade Mission Fire Safety Forum Dubai

FIA and DIT are to participate in the Fire Safety Forum in Dubai on 2nd April.

Sponsorship packages including an exhibitor option at around £5,500 are available.

The official web site can be found at www.fsfuae.com and David Smith at FIA is the FSF contact: DSmith@fia.co.uk.

Office for Product Safety and Standards

A discussion has been held to gain explanation as to role and examine possible interaction with FSF and a new Product Safety and Enforcement Team established last year by BEIS.

Heavy emphasis is on ‘product’ and ‘consumers’ with strong links to local enforcement via Trading Standards and national oversight and coordination of poor products, finding manufacturers and using some high level Border controls powers to protect etc. There may be multiple possibilities to engage with PSET on matters like fire doors, PPE and white goods

Working Together with NFCC

Directors are due to meet with members of the NFCC next month to discuss a range of mutually important matters to assess how both organisations may work better together in the public interest.

Public consultation: Fire Response Times

The Home Office Fire Statistics team are looking for user feedback on one area of the statistics produced in ‘Response times to fires attended by fire and rescue services’, but would also welcome other feedback on the release generally. The consultation is open to everyone with responses to: FireStatistics@homeoffice.gov.uk by 17th April 2019. A FSF response will be made by Dennis.

Federation Newsletter 5 - Winter 2018