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Federation Newsletter 2 - Autumn 2018

Policy Workshop -13th November

Held at the Moreton in Marsh FPA office this open policy workshop both delivered on what members’ want to see happen over the next few months and their longer term views of where FSF should apply its limited resources.

A summary of the discussion points has been circulated and with that a call to help build that network of expertise we need if we are to become proactive and respected contributors to UK fire safety.

Among many good points a few of the powerful messages were the avoidance of dilution of our expertise, the need to keep looking beyond Hackitt, and to need to work better to create strong evidenced based arguments for any change that members believe will improve UK fire safety.

MHCLG Liaison

Initial and fruitful discussions have been held with MHCLG to improve the communication between both our organisations.
It is believed that within the next few weeks key members will meet and start discussions on how collectively we might better contribute to developing the extensive fire safety programmes now starting. This work, a priority for the Federation, is timely and necessary if the Board is to help meet its own short term aims and members expectations.
A similar dialogue has yet to be opened with the Home Office but remains a priority.

International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF)

Many members do not realise the FSF Board is the UK National Committee (one of 38 nations) of CTIF. This 100+ year old organisation has members around the world with many in Europe.

The UK was a founder and over the years has supported efforts to gather fire statistics, improve hazmat and civil aviation safety. This month CTIF is driving hard to support the introduction of ISO based safety sheets for vehicles and highlight the potential negative impacts on volunteer firefighter services from the EU Working Time Directive.

EU Fire Information Exchange Platform

The EU as part of its response to the wider impact of the Grenfell Tower fire announced in the summer the creation of a platform to provide knowledge on fires, learn the lessons, gain statistical information and share good practice. The Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) will work on five key areas. The Technical Secretariat for FIEP will be provided by Efectis. The Federation has sought to contribute with a submission on the subject of domestic sprinklers, which are little known in many parts of Europe.

Industry Safety Steering Group (ISSG)

MHCLG has announced the formation of a new group with members drawn from a mix of people it considers can offer an external challenge to industry to tackle blocks and drive forward cultural change on the building safety portfolio.
The ISSG will be led by Dame Judith Hackitt and will offer a strategic oversight to drive the broad systemic change outlined in the Review. Holding industry to account and advising Government where it alone can act. The ISSG puts in place an effective scrutineer and receptor to aid the desired cultural transformation.
Some in the Federation believed we should be part of the ISSG but it is apparent that is contrary to its purpose. It has been confirmed the Dennis Davis the Federation’s competency lead will be invited to the ISSG’s first meeting on 3rd December 2018.

Competency Steering Group

The Federation Competency Work Stream and Working Group 4 considering Fire Risk Assessment has continued to progress competency standards. This is part of the Competency Steering Group established under the chair of the Construction Industry Council (CIC).
Meeting on the 13th November at the BAFE office in Moreton in Marsh, Working Group 4 developed ideas on objectives and evidence to support a level 4 (HND, HNC, Foundation Degree) and above standard. It also endorsed a series of characteristics for a proposed Overarching Competency Body to have oversight on all 12 competencies identified in his post Hackitt work.


In the on line newsletter we may have incorrectly suggested that Ronnie King the Honorary Secretary to the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group, the informal cross-party interest group which has welcomed Federation member views over many years, had left this role.
Not only are we happy to correct this unintended error we are also pleased to say that it is through the support of the Group that we are able yet again to meet in the Westminster for our Forum. Thank You!

Federation Newsletter 2 - Autumn 2018