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GGF releases new fire-resistant glazing standard

The Fire Resistant Glazing Group (FRGG) of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has developed a new standard covering the specification and installation of fire-resistant barriers containing glass for protection against fire and the effects of combustion.

The FRGG has released the standard for consultation via the Fire Sector Federation. Visit the Technical Guidance Workstream of the Fire Sector Federation website to download the Draft Standard and a Consultation Response Form. Comments must be returned to the Fire Sector Federation on the consultation response form by 15 August 2014.

At the end of the consultation period, any consultation responses will be considered and the results will be publicly available on the Fire Sector Federation website so that the process is completely transparent.

The FRGG feels that it is important for this standard to achieve the widest possible support from the fire sector and from associated industries that are affected by it. By achieving a broad base of support, the standard will shift from being a narrow ‘sector publication’ into widely recognised ‘industry best practice’.

The Fire Sector Federation is the body where representatives of organisations who work with or within the built, natural, fire and rescue and national resilience environments in the UK can expertly consider issues of common interest. The GGF is a member of the Fire Sector Federation so it was felt that the Fire Sector Federation was the most appropriate organisation to help achieve wide sector support for the new standard through open consultation at draft stage.

The Technical Guidance Workstream of the Fire Sector Federation has developed a procedure whereby members’ documents can be circulated widely and comments be invited. Every effort is made to meet best practice in consultation throughout this procedure.

The Fire Sector Federation counts many of the most significant organisations in the fire sector amongst its members and through those members it has connections into wider industry and commerce.

Once published, any publication that is circulated through the Fire Sector Federation for constructive comment at draft stage may expect to be regarded as industry best practice.