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FOBFO merges with Fire Sector Federation

At a special meeting held on the 30 May 2012, members of the Federation of British Fire Organisations (FOBFO) voted unanimously to dissolve the organisation and become part of the Fire Sector Federation.

With representatives from a wide range of stakeholders with interest in the built, natural, fire and rescue service or national resilience environments, the FSF plans to influence and shape national fire policy, produce industry guidance for wider dissemination and release views and advice on behalf of the unified sector.

Speaking of the decision, FOFBO Chair Dennis Davis CBE, QFSM declared:

“The Fire Sector Federation offers the opportunity to consolidate energy and enthusiasm into a new coalition that can build on the past and become stronger than its parts so further expanding influence and contribution.

“The decision made on the 30 May to join the Fire Sector Federation is therefore based upon the new Federation’s purpose, to improve safety against fire, and will continue to align FOBFO members in this common cause.”

FOBFO’s 28 ordinary members have been invited to transfer their membership to FSF, while Mr Davis has taken on the role of Vice Chair at the FSF.

Formed in 1962, FOBFO has represented the views of many of the UK’s fire organisations to national and international audiences for just over 50 years. The organisation has played an active role in lobbying and influencing key decision makers; supporting overseas Trade Missions through the Fire Industry Association’s Export Council; and arranging high quality strategic fire-related symposiums.

Successes over recent years include support in international actions, often in Europe on matters like the Working Time Directive, promotion of political awareness and debates, especially on protection of property. The organisation acted as a sounding board and constituent in major fire-related issues and consultations, financially-assisted UK youth initiatives locally and internationally and facilitated knowledge exchange between FOBFO members and the wider public and professional audiences.

FOBFO grew out of early alliances from the turn of the last century, aimed at building international cooperation. FOBFO’s early task was to reinvigorate international liaison and, in 1968, it held its first international conference in London’s Olympia. Further successful events were held in the UK in 1975 and 1989, as well as events in India and Hong Kong. FOBFO became active in Europe through its representation in Comite Technique International de Prevention et d’Extinction du Feu (CTIF), the international fire service association formed in 1908.

FOBFO merges with Fire Sector Federation

FSF Vice Chair – Dennis Davis