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Heritage Workstream

Formed in 2015 the Workstream had its first meeting on 5 October at Scotney Castle in Kent. The meeting was well attended by members of the FSF and all attendees gave an update on their heritage fire safety experience and what they could offer this heritage workstream in an effort to support the heritage sector.

The meeting set out the terms of reference for the workstream, recommending that it work at a more ‘strategic level’ taking forward issues that may require additional support or discussion across the wider FSF community.

Discussions focused on Property Protection – Compartmentation & Service Penetrations. It was highlighted that compartmentation was essential in a heritage building for property protection and this included the tactical operations for firefighting and the salvage (during) and following a fire. The ADB ‘incorporating insurer requirements’ was referred to, with many in the group unaware of its existence. It was suggested that the RISCAuthority be contacted to confirm circulation and the role of the insurance risk analysts in using the content.

Concern was raised about the emergency response standards for heritage properties; especially concerning property protection and that the key was speed and weight of response to a fire. The fire services’ key focus is life safety and the role of the fire brigade was discussed in some detail.

It was agreed the document IRMP Steering Group ‘Integrated Risk Management Planning’ Policy Guidance (Protection of Heritage Buildings and Structures) be revisited and assessed for suitability. This document was seen as an essential tool for helping fire and rescue authorities to produce a local IRMP that sets out the authority’s strategy, especially regarding heritage. It was noted that the document was produced c2008 and was due for a refresh.

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