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Enforcement Workstream

The Enforcement Workstream continues to be active in a range of areas. Draft guidance has been written to assist designers and approval bodies achieve consistency in their approach to Fire Compartmentation in Retail Units, particularly where it exceeds the advised limits laid down in ADB.

This was presented at the January CFOA Fire Engineering & Technical Standards meeting. The guidance has been revised following early comments from a small FSF working group and has been circulated to all FSF Enforcement Workstream members for review. Now finalised hasbeen released for public consultation.

Also presented for discussion at the above CFOA meeting, was a draft Mediation Protocol. This aims to ensure that information passed to the applicant following consultation under the building regulations is neither confusing nor contentious by providing an informal procedure to help resolve disagreements between Building Control Bodies and Fire & Rescue Services. This will be circulated within the Building Control Alliance and CFOA for initial consultation.

Discussion is also taking place over the impact of localised FRS fire policy on issues such as sprinklers and horizontal fire mains, which could have a negative impact on achieving a consistent interpretation of the building regulations. This has been taken forward by the FSF Enforcement Workstream CFOA representative.

Other items of interest include that DCLG is soon hoping to get approval for publication of the revised Building Regulations & Fire Safety Procedural Guidance. Iain Cox, Chair of the Regulation 38 Work Group, has produced draft guidance to help meet the requirements of Regulation 38, to which he is seeking feedback.

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