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Built Environment Issues and Affairs Workstream

The BEIA Workstream held a meeting on 13 January to discuss clarity and comprehension of the text in the Guidance in Approved Document B.

A survey was distributed via a few of the workstream’s member organisations (IFE, BCA, IFSM, FOA, BWF Certifire, and BWF) to collate responses on the definitions contained within the document. Over 550 responses have been collected to date, with several key themes emerging. The Group met again on the 8 March to discuss a revision of the introduction page and the review the results from the surveys.

A separate stakeholder group met on 26 January to brainstorm what and how fire safety could look in the future. A think tank is being formed for the FSF to further develop the ideas and actions from both sessions and will meet on the 3 May.

The Workstream also submitted to DCLG on 26 February the need for specific IRS datasets to support the rationale for third party evidence to be produced on the Economic Cost of Fire, to support the rationale for enhanced fire safety, and potential policy change.

Workstream Chair Celestine Cheong will be commenting on these issues and on BEIA activities in the May issue of Fire Risk Management.

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