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All Party Parliamentary Fire & Rescue Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety & Rescue Group is an informal cross-party interest group which has been in operation for over 17 years.

Whilst being properly balanced to reflect the position of Government, it does take a position on some matters which may not always be consistent with Government current policy or direction. However, it is keen to work with Government and not to be in conflict with it.

The Fire Sector Federation has formed a strong relationship with the Group, which is proving to be constructive and positive. In the past year the Group has held some seventeen meetings and launch events and participated in seminars, receptions, EDM’s PQ’s and Adjournment debates. The Group also facilitated a number of Fire Sector Federation and workstreams meetings and has held four separate Ministerial meetings.

Individual APPFSRG members are particularly active in Fire Safety matters, and have been willing to attend and support Fire Safety events both inside and outside the Parliamentary Estate. It sponsored a Parliamentary Seminar under the National Operational Guidance Programme in November 2015 and a BAFSA- sponsored Heritage Buildings and Schools fire safety seminar in February 2016. Further APPFSRG supported events are being held in the Houses of Parliament on 12 April 2016 and 6 September 2016.

The Group is presently in correspondence with the Minister of State for Schools, the Minister of State for Policing, Fire, Criminal Justice and Victims, the Minister with responsibility for Building Regulations, and the Cabinet Office Minister with responsibility for Procurement.

The Group’s last meeting was on the 22 March in the Houses of Parliament, and the next will be on the 24 May 2016.

The APPFSRG is pleased to congratulate the Welsh Assembly on its passing of the Domestic Fire Safety (Welsh) Measure, which made it a statutory regulation to install automatic fire sprinkler protection in all new domestic dwellings in Wales, from the 1st January 2016. This landmark achievement is the result of over 10 years of dedication and campaigning by Ann Jones AM, with support from the Welsh Assembly, the Welsh Office, Local Government, the Chief Fire Officers Association and the water industry, to name but a few.

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