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Structural Timber Workstream

The Structural Timber Workstream met on 19 January. Issues discussed included partial occupation and fire alarms for buildings under construction. It was agreed that advice on do’s/don’ts on partial occupation would be drafted.

An overview was provided of security elements in fire alarms in the construction phase and an update given on changes in technology in security for construction sites, including CCTV cameras, infrared technology, and flame and smoke detection.

The Workstream also wishes to identify a representative to assist it in developing improvements in fire compartmentation, specifically to help gain assurance that specified standards are actually achieved.

Having been in operation for over five years, as the Structural Timber Working Group, it has already offered an agreed approach to space separation for buildings under construction, guidance for occupiers, fire safety steps on construction sites, notifications to fire services and support for the National Operational Guidance project.

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