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International Workstream

Through its membership of CTIF (International Association of Fire and Rescue Services), the FSF has supported a European initiative to improve community resilience across Europe. POP-ALERT is a two-year project financed by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. Aiming to improve population preparedness and increase community resilience across Europe by developing a unified system to warn populations of danger the project concluded with practical demonstrations in Madrid and Corsica in February and held its final conference last month.

FSF also attended the CTIF Executive meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, in December 2015 and contributed to last year’s consultation on extending the 2013-17 EU Statistics programme into 2018-2020 by suggesting inclusion of fire statisticsas EU official data currently does not include collation of fire data.

In February a further meeting of the Community of Users (CoU) in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management organised by DG HOME in Brussels was attended. The CoU has been established as a coordinating initiative between policy makers, operators, researchers and industry with the broad aim to enable better interlinking between EU policy Frameworks that relate to Safety and Security; Prevention and Preparedness; Detection Surveillance and Control; Response and Recovery; Standardisation, Exchanges of Practices and Training, activities. Current work has considered CBRNe issues and this year will look at natural disaster actions with major mapping exercise of all EU funded research in these areas.

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