Promat UK

With over 50 years of experience in passive fire protection, Promat provides extensively tested and accredited fire protection products and systems designed to protect lives and property in the event of a fire.

Operating from a global perspective as a consultant, manufacturer and supplier of fire protection and high performance insulation materials, Promat provides a comprehensive service for those involved in the procurement, specification, construction and maintenance of a wide range of applications.

From the first contact with the client, Promat is able to positively contribute at all stages of a project, including on-site technical support during the contract period and maintenance support on project completion. With our network of Area Sales Managers, dedicated technical services department and customer relations team, you have the reassurance of continued specialist support at all stages of a project.

Promat UK is a subsidiary of Promat International, part of the Etex Group of companies, a global organisation with over 18,000 employees and a presence in more than 45 countries. Promat is a market leader in passive fire protection and high temperature insulation. The fire protection division offers an extensive range of boards, penetration seals, glazing and spray products designed to provide systems which meet the most stringent requirements of today’s projects.

We are proud to offer many of the leading brands in fire protection including Promat SUPALUX®, Promat MASTERBOARD®, Promat DURASTEEL®, Cafco FENDOLITE® MII and the Promat PROMASEAL® range of fire stopping products.

Promat also provides an extensive portfolio of materials to offer solutions to high performance insulation applications.