Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM)

The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) is a professional body of highly respected individuals and companies who all share the same objective:

‘’To raise the awareness of fire safety at a local, national and international level, promoting fire prevention, fire protection and reducing the risk from fire as far as reasonable practicable’’

Members benefit through the organisation of technical conferences and training events, communication with 100s of other like-minded fire professionals, updates on latest news, standards and technical advances, dissemination from other fire-related organisations worldwide and most of all remain at the forefront of the fire profession industry. At the present time, it has over 800 members worldwide.

A nationally accredited fire risk assessors register (NAFRAR) has been introduced by the IFSM to help those who have been designated as ‘Responsible Persons’ under the fire legislation to appoint a competent Fire Risk Assessor.

The IFSM took a leading role in the formation of competency standards for fire risk assessors and its support and commitment to these standards is reflected in NAFRAR.

Those who are working as Fire Risk Assessors receive formal recognition of their competency and expertise by being registered on NAFRAR. The only way to achieve this is via third party accreditation/certification where an assessor is tested and assessed by an independent body that has been approved via UKAS.

There are only two schemes available in the UK right now that can do this, Warrington Certification Ltd (FRACS scheme) and BAFE SP205 scheme. NAFRAR is the only register in the country that insists on third party accreditation for Fire Risk Assessors.

The register holds details of Fire Risk Assessors who have gone through the registration process and who are considered to be appropriately qualified, and experienced as fire risk assessors, together with the services they provide.

IFSM also encourages members who provide fire-related courses to apply for accreditation via our accreditation team. For more information see our accreditation section.

It welcomes entry at all levels and actively encourages and promotes knowledge advancement and membership progress.

Students in full time further education receive free membership during the duration of their study.